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We'll Send You a Photo of Whom You Have Helped Us Feed Everyday.

Feed a Homeless Person On Your Birthday Or Occassion @ Rs.25/-

There is a lot that happens around the world we cannot control. We cannot stop earthquakes, we cannot prevent droughts, and we cannot prevent all conflict, but when we know where the hungry, the homeless and the sick exist, then we can help.

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Feed a Stray Dog Everyday

Dogs don’t rationalize. They don’t hold anything against a person. They don’t see the outside of a human but the inside of a human. The happiest, people are not those who are getting more but those who are giving more.

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Plant a Tree Everyday

Plants and trees make this planet worth living. Without the existence of trees, we cannot imagine life on earth. Plants and trees make this planet worth living. Without the existence of trees, we cannot imagine life on earth.

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Feed a Homeless Person Everyday

Every night more than 150 million people sleep hungry, the greatest gift a man can ever give is food for a hungry stomach. If you donate us We'll send you the photos of whom you have helped us to feed.

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Feed a Stray Dog On Your Birthday Or Occassion @ Rs.35/-

Hundreds of dogs die of hunger everyday in India. Humans can beg and borrow when we are hungry. But these stray dogs cannot.Sponsor a nutricious meal everyday to save a hungry stray dog from starvation and death.

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Covid - 2019

In the Covid 19 Crisis, due to the lockdown many homeless people are suffering from starvation and food shortages.
Thaagam foundation is working with the government to feed all the homeless people in chennai.

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Giving is not just about making donations, its about making a diffrence. At Thaagam Foundation we will send you the account of every single rupee that you donated us.

Become Volunteer

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year,but when you volunteer, you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in.

Share Media

Awarness offers more than just hope through. It can to lead to action. To be effective in our efforts, we need to make sure we help others translate that awarness into actionable items. Share us on social media to create

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Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.